The Way Forward

Social development work in the present time is much more complicated than it was earlier.

  • The Globalization of the economy has given new power to economic forces. 
  • Political forces are sometimes sidelined.

A new kind of “homework” is needed on the part of those working with the people. We believe that the Rajasthan Budget Analysis is part of that needed homework. We have started it to strengthen the lobbying and advocacy work we have been doing with the people, and we also want the Centre to strengthen the work of other organizations, social action bodies and decision-makers too. We do feel that the State and Central Governments have a responsibility to act in the interest of the people, including the poor and the marginalized.

We also feel that the poor—organized, aware, and armed with Budget Analysis material—can change the policies that keep them in a precarious position. And in the process, the People will be strengthened; will lose their fear of “big numbers” that they usually find in the Government’s budget books. Together, we will struggle for a better condition of employment, education, health services, environment, drinking water, small farm agriculture, tiny industries — a better life for all of Rajasthan’s citizens.

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