Micro Study Reports

S.No. Cover Image Title Year View Download
1 A study of the Budget and Schemes for People with Disabilities in Rajasthan- Nagendra Singh and Bhupendra Kaushik 2017
2 District Budget Tracking Study of TSP and SCSP in Rajasthan- Mahendra Singh Rao and Bhupendra Kaushik 2017
3 A Study on the Status of Mining and Mine Workers in Rajasthan- Barkha Mathur 2015
4 A study on implementation of SCSP and TSP at District and Below Level in the State 2015
5 Access of Muslim Families to Government Schemes in the State: A Study 2014
6 Budget Tracking Study of Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojna in Rajasthan -Mahendra Singh Rao 2014
7 Right to Education in Southern Rajasthan: A Study 2011-12
8 Food Security and Related Schemes In Rajasthan: A Study 2010
9 Credit in Agriculture 2010
10 Decreasing Minor forest produce and Problem of Tribal\'s Livelihood 2010
11 National Rural Employment Guarantee Act(NREGA): Need of Modification in Implementation (Rastriya Gramin Rojgar Guarantee Kanoon - Kiryanvayan me Sudhar ki Aavashakta) 2008 -- --
12 Swajaldhara "Study of a drinking water Scheme in Rajasthan" (Swajaldhara-Vyrth baha Janta ka Paisa) 2008 -- --
13 Impacts of Government efforts in Rural Small Scale Industries: A Study (Gramin Laghu udhyog kshytra me Sarakri Prayason ki kathni-karni : Ek Nazar) 2008
14 Governmental development schemes and their access to common people (Sarakri Vikas Yojanayen Aur Aam Admi tak unki Pahunch) 2007 -- --
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